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Thread: Total Information Awareness, the Fourth Amendment and guns. WSJ

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    Total Information Awareness, the Fourth Amendment and guns. WSJ

    "TIA presumably analyzes on-line transactions, weighting each it considers suspicious; when enough points accumulate, it notifies authorities. So warrants will be sought using information nobody has seen, from an algorithm that cannot be examined—so much for the Fourth Amendment. Innocent transactions, such as gun ownership, will be suspect, leading to false-positive accusations. Worse, given the ease of spoofing identities online, inevitably a malicious person will seed a TIA system with false information about rivals. Imagine having to face charges based on false information that, by design, is impossible to challenge. This is Kafka come to life.
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    Coming soon, Computer Aided SWATting TIA was commissioned in 2003 as Total Information Awareness, and renamed Terrorism Information Awareness. It has a controversial history and the WSJ suggests that it is not a dead as the US Legislature wanted it.

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    Trade secrets ! Just like with LIDAR and RADAR units in how they provide the user a value for speed of a moving vehicle. If they were required to show the algorithms, they'd be out of business.

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