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Thread: Obama action on guns likely after holidays, White House says Earnestly

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    Obama action on guns likely after holidays, White House says Earnestly

    Noting that various top government officials are examining gun-control measures that Mr. Obama could take, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, “I anticipate that work will continue through the holidays.” [ ... ]
    The president held a private meeting Monday at the White House with former New York City Mayor and gun-control advocate Michael Bloomberg, a session that was not on Mr. Obama’s public schedule. The White House revealed later that the two discussed “ways to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have access to them,” and possible state and local government actions to limit gun violence.[my emphasis]

    Mr. Earnest said the meeting was “intended to be private,” but reporters learned about it, prompting the White House to disclose it after the fact.

    234 G00gle Real Time articles, all over the landscape on Obama's Earnest holiday and gun control plans.
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    He doesn't want to spoil all those Xmas guns... For the children.

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