The article does not explicitly say so, but the text definitely seems to imply that these two nuts, in an extremely premeditated murder, purchased the gun in a private sale.


King George woman pleads guilty to killing mother-in-law

Pertinent excerpt:

A few days after the slaying, court records state, police received a Crime Solvers tip about a gun Alaina Mercer had purchased about a month prior to the slaying.
Police talked to the man who sold the 9mm pistol and eventually determined it was the same gun used to kill the elder Mercer.

One more example of the utter uselessness of a protective order:

Family members told police that Alaina Mercer had made repeated threats against her mother and other family members.
Lynne Mercer had also obtained a protective order against the couple. In getting the order, Mercer wrote that she had been physically and verbally abused by both women and felt “uncomfortable” in their presence.

Seems it was quite well thought-out, other than they were apparently incorrectly counting on the many movies and TV shows where the mutual finger pointing got both suspects acquitted!

Both defendants later made statements to investigators that were similar, except for who actually did the killing.
The plan included staging a break-in, wearing oversized shoes to generate larger footprints and standing on a chair to make the shooter appear taller.
Their phones were left in King George during the slaying in case police ever traced the phones’ whereabouts.

"Enjoy prison!" [Bonus points if you can name that movie - WITHOUT Google!! ]

However, the charge they pleaded guilty to carries the same penalty as first-degree murder: 20 years to life in prison.
Both women will be sentenced on March 15 in Spotsylvania Circuit Court.