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Thread: Somewhat OT: Non-Resident WV Permits

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    Somewhat OT: Non-Resident WV Permits

    Yes, this is somewhat off topic, but hopefully there has been some discussion on this someone can share.

    It appears from my cursory read that WV does not issue permits to non-residents.

    Is this still true?

    And if so, has there been any effort or discussion to change this?

    Any idea why WV does not issue non-resident permits?

    Thanks for sharing any thoughts.


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    Yes, they still don't issue non resident wv permits.

    With trying to push WV 3-22 Carry, when/if that gets signed into law, you would be able to come from any state and open/conceal here (pending you aren't a prohibited person) (and pending they don't add a caveat changing it to wv residents only).
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