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Thread: A Gift at Christmas shared. Quanta Mag, 'A Fight for the Soul of Science',

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    A Gift at Christmas shared. Quanta Mag, 'A Fight for the Soul of Science',

    A neighbor sent this very interesting article that I will present at our next science forum. He is a paleo-anthropologist one-trick-pony, so this is exceptional.

    A Fight for the Soul of Science String theory, the multiverse and other ideas of modern physics are potentially untestable. At a historic meeting in Munich, scientists and philosophers asked: should we trust them anyway?
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    The crisis, as Ellis and Silk tell it, is the wildly speculative nature of modern physics theories, which they say reflects a dangerous departure from the scientific method. Many of today’s theorists — chief among them the proponents of string theory and the multiverse hypothesis — appear convinced of their ideas on the grounds that they are beautiful or logically compelling, despite the impossibility of testing them. Ellis and Silk accused these theorists of “moving the goalposts” of science and blurring the line between physics and pseudoscience. “The imprimatur of science should be awarded only to a theory that is testable,” Ellis and Silk wrote, thereby disqualifying most of the leading theories of the past 40 years. “Only then can we defend science from attack.”
    [ ... ]

    George F. R. Ellis, pictured, of University of Cape Town argued for finding ethics from physics, in his most recent lecture to which I paid attention. I'm 25 pages into String Theory and the Scientific Method mentioned.
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    while Ellis/Silk's argument is to discount today's (read a time period) abstract physics theories because they are being being made w/o 'scientific' generated testable evidence is a bit outlandish based on the current state of the art mentality ~ hardware/software, is at trying to develop concepts necessary to even begin to conceive what those testable qualities should look like so they can be put together let alone make arguments repeatable...

    oh and let's discuss $$$$ to be able to upgrade the state of the art hardware/software components together ~ if someone can discern a test plan.

    Good grief, "Aristotle (384-322 BC) argued in his writings that the Earth was spherical, because of the circular shadow it cast on the Moon, during a lunar eclipse" and yet in 1492, Columbus accepted the 'theory' w/o testable scientific evidence in hand to sail to the new world.

    if we, as a civilization, wait until testable scientific evidence is proven to everyone's satisfaction, on every physics concept/theory/etc., we might as well turn off the lights, unplug the computers and move back to the caves.

    theories are proven, in time...I am willing to give those who have the forethought to contemplate abstract physics theories the benefit of the doubt...

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