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Thread: Gallup Firearm polls. Results from early Oct. 2015, comparative.

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    Gallup Firearm polls. Results from early Oct. 2015, comparative.

    So I decided to take a look at the numbers. It's an interesting set of information. Some of the compared results go back as far as June of 1959. For 2015, the results came from 1,015 people surveyed.

    Gallup Firearms Polls

    So, the tl;dr version...

    41% of those surveyed have a firearm in the home. Another 2% keep them in other places besides the home.
    54% consider firearms a major point in political decisions
    A disturbing 86% favor universal background checks using a central Federal database.
    Even then, 53% figure it wouldn't do much to stop mass shootings.
    And 56% say more Americans with firearms would make the country safer.
    58% see the NRA in a favorable light.
    51% are dissatisfied with the way firearms laws are in the country.
    31% desire stricter laws.
    A whopping 63% say a firearm in the house makes it safer.

    Between 1959 and 2015 firearm ownership has gone up and down between 38 and 51%, usually hovering around the mid to high 40%s.

    As of Jan. 2013, 65% favored changes to school security and mental health systems over new laws.
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    And the all the results depend on WHO they polled, and who answered the questions instead of hanging up on the "cold call" pollster during their dinner.
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    I know plenty of gun owners that say they do not own guns when they do for these type of polls.

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