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Thread: Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

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    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    I just wondered what level of retention everybody uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nshaw65 View Post
    I just wondered what level of retention everybody uses.

    might start here...

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    level 1 when CCing.

    Level 1 or Level 2 Opening carrying. All depending, but no more than Level 2.

    If I thought I needed more than Level 2 then I am CCing Level 1.
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    Nuthin less than ten...
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    I prefer some type of positive retention other then just gravity or friction.

    Thumb breaks, SERPA type locks ect.

    When doing harder physical activities where chances of losing a firearm are higher a lanyard is also useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solus View Post
    Good idea, no need to reinvent the wheel.

    Welcome to OCDO nshaw, I hope you enjoy your stay. Good info from a great number of knowledgeable individuals and a few smart a$$ comments from perpetual whiners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nshaw65 View Post
    I just wondered what level of retention everybody uses.
    On what scale? There are several different scales in use. Go figure.

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    When I CC or OC during humid weather I use a Safariland ALS holster (Synthetic lined with suede with the thumb-release that locks into the ejection port.). I'm either carrying a hard-chromed 1911 commander or a Glock 19, and I find this holster to be comfortable and very secure. For dressing up or 'Sunday BBQ' carry I have a floral-carved El Paso Double Agent (for the commander)holster, leather, suede lined, with a tension screw at the trigger guard. Very comfortable, and it has dual slots so I can carry it strong-side or cross-draw. It's level 1 (friction) retention, so I guess if someone grabbed at it there could be a potential loss of the weapon.

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