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Thread: Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights interview

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    Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights interview

    I ran across this video and thought it was interesting. And possibly we can take away a little from it. It is long, 52 minutes, but not boring IMO. It is not really a video as it is an audio interview on youtube. It did amaze me that one person even in Chicago could get into 14 shootings. I hope, I doubt most will not get in even one. Early in the video he departs from the usual center mass, and extols head shots, something I also believe in. His shooting style is mostly the same as mine, use only the front sight.

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    Not the ordinary patrol man or person spent a huge part of career as a tactical officer on tactical teams.

    One just has to look at the career of Jim Cirillo of the NYPD stake out squad to see how often how some specialty units get involved in things.
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