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Thread: Opinion on Blackhawk Flat Belt Holster?

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    Opinion on Blackhawk Flat Belt Holster?

    I am fairly new to open carry and primarily concealed carry. I received a Ruger P90dc in part trade and it came with this holster. What is your opinion on using this one for open carry? I have a nicer leather one on the way in the mail but it will take a while to get to me.

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    Welcome to open carry

    It well work I have one or two similar ones that I use once in awhile I prefer some thing a bit more substantial.

    The P90 is a good work horse semi auto with a reputation for accuracy I like mine feeds and functions well.
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    welcome to the forum and the world of OC...

    bottom line...does your holster hold your new acquisition securely to your satisfaction?

    then the holster will be fine.

    enjoy your OC'g adventures...

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    However you acquired your firearm has no effect on the use of your holster......You get my drift??????

    I would delete such useless info.

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