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Thread: RVA OC breakfast Sat. Jan 9th

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    RVA OC breakfast Sat. Jan 9th

    RVA OC breakfast Sat. Jan 9th at 9:30am

    River City Diner ...................
    803 E Parham Rd................Directions
    Richmond, VA 23227
    (804) 266-1500

    This is our regularly scheduled OC break the fast, week end meal. Smaller more casual group.

    Warning: I have heard through the grapevine that we may be visited by a male Valkyrie of some repute.

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    Might be able to make it as it's on the way to where we need to go that morning. Have a birthday party to attend Saturday that we CAN'T miss as a certain 'diner host in training' is adding one to his age tomorrow
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