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Thread: Open Range owner to meet with Obama

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    Open Range owner to meet with Obama

    The owner of "Open Range" has accepted an invitation to meet with Obama in Virginia on Thursday. Barry Laws was invited since he is the president of the American Firearms Retailers Association. The NRA declined to meet with the President. The event is sponsored and moderated by CNN.
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    Follow the money to P4P

    "You shouldn't give untrained people guns, or people who think guns are toys or people who think they're, it's just like a cowboy movie," Richard Ferne, a gun owner practicing at Openrange, said. "Personally I think that should be a part of being able to obtain a weapon," Ferne said.

    According to the CDC, an average of 62 children under 14 were accidentally shot and killed between 2007 and 2011. Independent studies place that number much higher.

    Laws said it is basic pistol classes that will teach people how make sure families are safe and how to use guns in a nightmare scenario. "If you own a firearm and aren't trained, you are at a distinct disadvantage if you think you are going to use it for personal protection but also there are just basic safety things, that people, they don't know what they don't know," he said.
    From the link URL above. Follow the money to P4P
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    Maybe he'll stand him up? Psych !

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    Barry Laws is a joke. He is just out for more money. He is all for expanded background checks and forcing private citizens to go to his shop and pay the fees for background checks.

    Not a fan of his at all.

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