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Thread: Meet the pro-gun rape survivor who challenged Obama on CNN. WaPo

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    Meet the pro-gun rape survivor who challenged Obama on CNN. WaPo

    Corban wasn’t impressed. “I would say it was more of a non-response,” she told The Post. “He kind of dodged the question.”
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    Maybe obummer was thinking about raping her and could not concentrate?

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    The man is a jerk!

    She had therapy, and probably still is getting help, his attempts at taking guns away from anybody in therapy most certainly makes it difficult for her to purchase a firearm.

    As to keeping making it more difficult for rapist to get a firearm I would have laughed in his face. He pretty much put down keeping arms period, and ignores the fact that a dead rapist does not rape anyone else.
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    That is one gutsy lady. More power to her!

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