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Thread: noticed Sb 75 from 2015 --- who does safety classes like this?

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    noticed Sb 75 from 2015 --- who does safety classes like this?

    No personal appearance in class that CT would accept for permit ?

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    This bill was introduced by a legislator who had a NRA Pistol Instructor whispering in his ear. The NRA is about to go to a blended learning format and half or more of the current class will be taken as an online class. Google NRA Blended Training and you can read all about it.....
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    Pennsylvania requirements for a gun purchase (long gun, shotgun, handgun):

    * Pay cash or plastic.
    * Take your new toy home.

    Pennsylvania requirements for a license to carry (concealed, or in a vehicle):

    * Fill out a one-page application at your County Sheriff's office.
    * Pay $20.00.
    * Get your license. Some places issue on-the-spot, some take a little longer (45-day maximum allowed).

    Pennsylvania requirements for a license to carry openly:

    * Doesn't exist. No license is required for open carry (except in Philadelphia).

    Safety training requirements? None.
    Hands-on training requirements? None.
    Doctor's certification? None.
    Letters of recommendation? None.
    Fingerprint requirements? None.

    And, at last count, over 1,044,632 people have Pennsylvania licenses (roughly 10.9% of the adult population).

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