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Thread: Now clouds might cause the oceans to drown us?

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    earth's crust

    Now clouds might cause the oceans to drown us?

    How is Gore going to make money off of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post

    How is Gore going to make money off of this?
    Al Gore is already providing cloud cover.

    What he fails to get is the resultant run off from up north will just refreeze when it flows down to the South Pole.
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    Greenland’s vast ice sheet continues to melt, and thanks to two recently-launched satellites we’re beginning to understand why it’s happening so quickly. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believe increased cloud cover over the ice sheet itself may be to blame for up to a third of the ice melt that is occurring, a new study indicates.
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    WHAT!!! How can this be?!?! Is not a cloud nothing but water vapor? And I now must discard the CO2 paradigm?
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