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Thread: DC robbery victim shoots robber with assailants own gun

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    DC robbery victim shoots robber with assailants own gun

    Does it count if the victim shoots the robber with the robbers gun?

    Story by one of our fav journalists Emily Miller.

    WASHINGTON - A weekend triple shooting in Northeast D.C. appears to be a case of self-defense from a robbery.

    Four people were walking in the 700 block of H Street around 1 a.m. Saturday when a man identified as Jerome Wright held them up at gunpoint. But according to a source close to the investigation, one of the victims fought back.

    In the struggle, two of the robbery victims were shot. One of them, after being hit in the chest, managed to wrestle the gun from Wright and fatally shot him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillHoo View Post

    Wright was sent back to jail. He was held for a week in September for violating parole, but a judge had no choice but to release him.
    Have to wonder why "a judge had no choice but to release him."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapeshot View Post
    Have to wonder why "a judge had no choice but to release him."
    Over crowding?
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    It is obvious, no? Turning his life around by getting a proper hair cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapeshot View Post
    Have to wonder why "a judge had no choice but to release him."
    DC Dept of Corrections has been under court supervision for decades, with all sorts of restrictions, limitations, and mandates imposed on them. The details of how prisoners are coddled would make you puke. Additionally, their system works on revolving door incarceration instead of long-term incarceration. For example, in DC robbery will get you 5 years with almost half off for "good behavior" while in Va it will get you 20 years with no parole or "good time". Robbers in DC tend to do 20 years on the installment plan, with the opportunity to commit more crimes while waiting for the door to revolve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillHoo View Post

    ...but the issue is it could have been very tragic the other way, said Sgt. Delroy Burton of the D.C. Police Union.
    I wonder what he means by that. Does he mean the victims shouldn't have tried to defend themselves, or that the robber shouldn't have robbed and shot them?
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