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Thread: Court rejects self defense in bull shot case.

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    Court rejects self defense in bull shot case.

    But Rusk County farmer [Judge] John Weinel described the animal as "mean and nasty and stealthy and not be trusted," a marauding menace who broke through his fence once too often in August 2013. During that confrontation ... the bull charged him and Weinel ran to his pickup truck, where the bull stopped about three feet short, "swinging his horns and huffing and puffing."

    Weinel then shot Vindicator out the window 14 times with a .45 caliber handgun.

    The bull's owner sued. Weinel argued he acted in self defense.
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    Circuit Judge Steven P. Anderson ... " He got into his truck, whether the bull continued to charge or not; he was protected by his truck from harm from the bull. So the act of shooting the bull, 14 times I think ...[,] was unnecessary.."
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    That ruling, both of them is a whole lotta bull...
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    Must have been a white bull ... go figure.

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