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Thread: RPV Rebellion: RKBA advocate Vince Haley to seek Chairmanship of RPV

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    RPV Rebellion: RKBA advocate Vince Haley to seek Chairmanship of RPV

    Vince Haley has announced he will challenge current RPV Chairman John Whitbeck.

    Huge implications for RKBA advocacy.

    Vince Haley to Challenge John Whitbeck for RPV Party Chairman
    Today, at the urging of many Virginia conservative activists and grassroots leaders from across the Commonwealth, and hopeful for the support of thousands of like-minded grassroots conservatives who believe we need a party run by and for conservatives, I have made the decision to run for RPV State Party Chairman.

    My bottom line? We need a Republican Party that keeps its promises.


    I am proudly 100% pro-life, pro marriage, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-tax-and-spend. As RPV Chairman, I will fight for candidates who will stick to their guns and vote that way, and Iíll make sure national Republicans hear your voice loud and clear in Washington and in Richmond ó not kowtow and compromise.

    The time to restore our identity and trust in our Republican Party is right here and now. Letís get candidates who are unafraid and unapologetic to stand on the very principles for which our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

    With a Republican Party that guards its principles and keeps its promises, we can save our Republic. I earnestly look forward to your support, our conversation, and engaging with so many new friends over the next few months. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity to keep the promise. Letís build a party worthy of our creed.

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    Party leadership can make a huge difference.

    When all party leadership cares about is winning election, without regard to what kind of candidate wins under the banner of the party, the party brand is damaged as voters get the message there is no real difference between the parties. Ultimately, the grassroots decides who they will or won't vote for, and thus what a party really stands for. But party leadership can sure help provide the right environment.


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    When and how does this happen?


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