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Thread: A new loophole, the 'Charleston loophole', three day limit on NCIC delay

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    A new loophole, the 'Charleston loophole', three day limit on NCIC delay

    Roof legally purchased his .45-caliber Glock pistol from a store, but the FBI later said he should have failed the background check because he had been charged with possessing Suboxonem, a Schedule III narcotic, without a prescription. However, because of clerical mistakes, the FBI said the examiner did not get hold of the report before the three-day waiting period ended, so the store went through with the purchase.

    (The original FBI statement admitting that the error incorrectly referred to a felony drug charge, but it was actually a misdemeanor for possession; Roof did not admit to being an addict. In a statement to The Fact Checker, the FBI said Roof would have been denied a gun based on an “inference of current use.”)
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    He still purchased his gun legally. He was a freeman...not a slave.

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