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Thread: KY: Proposal would allow concealed weapons in public schools

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    KY: Proposal would allow concealed weapons in public schools

    KY: Proposal would allow concealed weapons in public schools

    The proposed law (House Bill -221) sponsored by Rep Tim Moore would allow concealed carry in public schools. Currently unlawful possession of a weapon on school property is a felony with a possible 5 year prison term.

    "Kentucky House representative Tim Moore (R-18) sponsors House Bill-221, a measure that would loosen restrictions on where concealed deadly weapons permit holders could carry."

    Representative Tim Moore calls it an 'Anti-Terrorism Bill'.

    "If passed, the law would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to carry a weapon at a public school or on the campus of a public university. Moore calls it an “anti-terrorism” bill, not a gun bill."

    The article goes on to say that the bill was introduced on January 11 and has to head to a 'judiciary committee' before going for a vote in the House.
    I am not a lawyer, I study the history of gun control laws.

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    There is already a thread about this. Poetdante posted about it a week ago. You might want to ask for the two threads to be merged or you could just delete this one. You can read the other one here:
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