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Thread: Canada : Quebec facing unexpected resistance to long-gun registry

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    Canada : Quebec facing unexpected resistance to long-gun registry

    Canada : Quebec facing unexpected resistance to long-gun registry

    Quebec is facing 'unexpected resistance' to the long gun registry. Claude Colgan who's sister, Hélène, 'was one of the 14 women killed in the 1989' Polytechnique incident has come out in opposition to the registry. He believes it wasn't the firearm to blame but rather the shooter Marc Lépine who was responsible for his sister's death.

    Also, in addition a new pro gun group has formed called "Tous contre un registre québécois des armes à feu" or in English "All against a Quebec firearms registry". They said that the registry is a 'waste of money' and 'won't save a single life'

    "Quebec is facing the first signs of revolt over its planned long-gun registry, an unexpected breach in a province regarded as the staunchest defender of gun-control measures in Canada. The government of Philippe Couillard tabled legislation for a made-in-Quebec registry last month. The move was expected to get broad support in a province touched by a string of mass school shootings. But some provincial MNAs have started expressing reservations about the registry, and an anti-registry petition has gathered more than 20,300 names online."

    Ingrid Peritz -MONTREAL — The Globe and Mail - Published Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016
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