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Thread: CT: License to carry: Women with guns on the rise.

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    CT: License to carry: Women with guns on the rise.

    Connecticut : License to carry: Women with guns on the rise.

    Good positive story on how the number of woman who have carry permits in Connecticut has increased. Women now occupy 60 to 65 % in the NRA Pistol Safety course classes up from 20% just a few years ago,

    "I think there’s a big shift towards wanting to be able to protect yourself and defend yourself,” said Hardy. Hardy says not only are the numbers on the rise, so is the ratio of women to men in the classes. “It used to be about 20 percent women in my classes. For the last year and a half, maybe two years, it’s been closer to 60, 65 percent,” said Hardy. Elizabeth Koegler is one of his students. She took the course two months ago and just received her permit on Tuesday."

    I am not a lawyer, I study the history of gun control laws.

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    It's always good to hear news like this. I believe that number is also true in just about every State. But, being the ultimate pessimist, this kind of news is always overshadowed by negative encounters, rulings, etc.

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    That's nice but in CT you don't have to pass a safety class to get a permit.

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