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Thread: Idaho legislature moves to eliminate license for concealed carry in cities

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    Idaho legislature moves to eliminate license for concealed carry in cities


    BOISE -- Two Republican state lawmakers say Idahoans should be allowed to carry concealed guns without a concealed-weapons permit.

    Reps. Ron Nate of Rexburg and Heather Scott of Blanchard released a draft version of their bill on Wednesday. Idaho would be the ninth state in the country to make constitutional carry legal.

    "In some ways this might be a 'you don't need a permit to wear a jacket' bill," Rep. Nate said.

    The Idaho Legislature changed state law last year to allow residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit outside city limits. It previously only exempted people from having a concealed-weapon permit while out hunting or fishing.

    Idaho is about 83,000 square miles. All but 650 of those miles are permitless carry. While the Gem State is an open carry state, you do need a permit within city limits for concealed carry.

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