Today, Monday 25 January, is the first day of the 2016 General Session of the Utah Legislature.

For the next 45 calendar days the Utah Legislature is in session. In addition to passing a budget and determining which taxes to raise or create, and what the official pet of the State will be, the legislature is also likely to consider a number of bills that will affect your RKBA and ability to legally defend yourself, loved ones, and home & property.

I invite those who are interested in RKBA issues in Utah to sign up for free email alerts from GOUtah! (Gun Owners of Utah!) by sending an email to goutah-subscribe (AT) yahoogroups (dot) com . (Replace the (AT) and (dot) with exactly what you'd expect to have there; My attempt to limit the SpamBots a bit). No more than one alert a day during the session, we don't ask for money, we do ask for phone calls, emails, and other actions on your part to help convince government officials to do the right thing for our RKBA.

Alerts and other useful information can also be read at our webpage at .

Those who would like to provide financial support toward defending and advancing RKBA in Utah might consider a paid membership at the Utah Shooting Sports Council (visit web page by clicking this link). (Disclaimer, neither I nor GOUtah! am officially associated with the USSC, but we work toward common goals regularly, and when we disagree, we do so civilly and professionally.)

Charles Hardy
Public Policy Director