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Thread: Final push for School Grounds Carry (SB 589) is on

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    Final push for School Grounds Carry (SB 589) is on

    I am passing this on in case some of you don't get his E mail. This is a major issue for us and others who exercise their 2A who may not be members of this forum.

    From Nik Clark of WI Carry:

    Greetings in Freedom,

    Over the past couple weeks thousands of people have reached out to their legislators to ask for support, and find out which state legislators support law-abiding ccl holders and who does not.

    I've received enormous amounts of feedback from people across the state. I've spend a great deal of time on the phone with Senators to confirm their positions on school grounds carry. I wanted to verify first hand, which republican senators campaigned as pro-gun, and claim to be pro-concealed carry, but feel no urgency to change state law to mirror FEDERAL law and allow CCL holders to carry on school grounds so NOT ONE MORE mother of father or grandfather or any other law-abiding citizen commits an accidental felony for driving on school grounds.

    Right now the bill needs to clear the senate. There is a slight possibility it will get a committee hearing next Thursday. Senator Scott Fitzgerald is the Senate Majority Leader. He is a republican who has campaigned he supports concealed carry. MANY MANY people have contacted his office and all the feedback from office staff (including the person I spoke to today) is that Senator Fitzgerald "has not taken a position on School Grounds Carry".

    This is not just disappointing.. Its insulting. This summer Senator Fitzgerald voted for SB70. A bill that allows OFF DUTY and FORMER police officers from other states to carry on School Grounds in Wisconsin. Yet he STILL hasn't decided if law-abiding citizens who have passed background checks, paid state licensing taxes, and obtained a concealed carry license should be free from a FELONY if they drop of their kids at school armed??? (EVEN IF YOU NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR, its a felony).

    As the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Fitzgerald's responsibilities in the senate affects all citizens of Wisconsin. At this time it is extremely important that you CALL AND EMAIL senator Fitzgerald's office and let him know that if he can stand for the carry-rights of off-duty police officers from California to carry on school grounds in Wisconsin, he should stand for you and I. Please ask Fitzgerald to SUPPORT SB 589 AND BRING IT TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE QUICKLY.

    (608) 266-5660

    Do not let legislators and their staff make excuses. Do not let them tell you "there isn't much time left" in the session. The ASSEMBLY passed SB70 with lighting speed this past summer on a voice-vote with NO debate. THERE IS TIME for this CRUCIAL bill.

    Its time to ask Scott Walker to stand behind his campaign promises as well. Scott Walker went to IOWA campaigning for president and boasted how he LED on concealed carry in Wisconsin. He touted his pro-concealed carry credentials. Walker in his state-of-the-state address said he was going to tour the state and hear from residents all around the state about what they'd like to see from the government. He needs to STAND for law-abiding CCL holders so we don't accidentally commit a felony dropping our kids off at school. (or even pulling over in a school parking lot to fix a flat tire on a Sunday afternoon)

    CALL AND EMAIL Scott Walker's office. Tell him you shouldn't be a felon just for dropping your kids off at school. Ask him to SUPPORT SB 589 and to do what HE can to make sure this bill moves through the Senate and Assembly.

    Governor Walker's email:

    Governor Walker's phone number: (608) 266-1212

    Lastly, I will be a guest on Vicki McKenna's show today (Friday) at 11:30 am on WISN NewsTalk 1130 out of Milwaukee (AM 1130) or listen online at to talk about school grounds carry and the 3 people in Wisconsin government who are standing in its way.

    I will also be on her Madison show on WIBA at 4:06 pm Listen at (AM 1310) or online at

    If even HALF of the people who receive this email make these 2 phone calls and send 2 emails, I assure you, School Grounds Carry WILL pass this session. Will you make 2 phone calls for you, your families, and your children's freedom and safety?

    Carry on,

    Nik Clark
    Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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    well, this is what happens when you play the "permit/training obtained" game. Never will be enough.

    good luck, hear a helmet.

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