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Thread: OC in the San Luis Valley

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    OC in the San Luis Valley

    I OC every day every where I go. Didn't used to, but I like it. Nobody has seemed very concerned. Walmart, city Mkt, safeway, everywhere. When I come across a store (or other) with a no gun sign I make sure they know they didn't get my money. Only once or twice have I gotten a funny look. I do take some precautions like
    not looking like a thug. Nice holster, on a good belt holding a full frame semiauto makes most look like an LEO. OK with me. I know hundreds have spied my weapon
    and nobody has said a word except once. It was a dude who said "nice holster". Because we live in a small community people are getting used to it I think. People DO remember me now. The more you OC the more people will accept it. We all are creatures of habit......the more they see you (at your regular haunts) the more it becomes normal. I don't think I will ever hide my guns again. I have learned some lessons.....Not a good idea to stand in line with your hand relaxing on your pistol.
    If your not going to use it keep your hands clear. Be ready always, but do not look like you want to draw unless your gonna. it can freak some people, you see their eyes get big.

    I have read a few posts about when to draw a weapon. I have only one rule for this, for me the decision to draw is made when I see another DRAWN weapon, or
    if I think I or someone around me is about to be made a victim. A weapon is not a way to bully people into correct behavior. It is DEADLY force when you don't want to be dead yourself. If I don't feel my life is being threatened it stays in my holster. Its not to break up fights, or to keep some guy from shoving his wife around, that's what a cell and 911 are for. For me not every situation needs to be met with a gun just because I have one with me. As I have said I am new to OC, so if you read something here that is out of line in the real world please let me know.

    Thanks for reading....


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    Nice little read here, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    Props to you for doing the good work of D&E in a responsible fashion, that really brings people on to our side.

    Carry on!

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