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Thread: Best West Michigan Gun Shops for Rifles

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    Best West Michigan Gun Shops for Rifles

    Good morning guys,

    I am looking at buying a new bolt action rifle in 300 Winchester magnum, and I was just wondering what is the best gun shop to buy on from in West Michigan. I would like to go to the shop with the best prices and or the best service as well. I do have 2 in mind that I want to get and I just want to see what shop has the lowest prices in the GR area or expanded to the West Michigan area. Also I want to go to a shop that has good customer service. I would like to go to a friendly owned and operated place.

    Thank you in advance for your replies and opinions,

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    Southwicks in Plainwell/Otsego.
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    My fav is On Target in Kalamazoo. Some hate them, but they treat me very well.
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