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Thread: Galco Fletch or Cop 3 Slot?

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    Galco Fletch or Cop 3 Slot?

    Looking for a leather OC holster and both of these come with a thumbreak. Both appeal to me. Just wondering if anyone has experience with either or both of them. This is for a Glock 17 by the way.

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    I have one for a P226 and it works as designed, comfortable and it looks good.
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    No experience with the fletch but I have two of the cop 3 slots. One for my 1911 and one for my P226. I liked them until I tried other options on the market.
    IMHO, it's too top heavy and flops around. Doesn't matter how good your belt is. I have since switched to kydex.
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    I have the Galco Fletch. It's been a GREAT holster and I use it every day along with a GOOD gun belt. Had it about 3.5 years now and it still looks good. Actually purchased another for my wife. Beretta 92FS for both...
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