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Thread: Google Search Probe by U.S. Should Get New Look, Utah AG Says

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    Google Search Probe by U.S. Should Get New Look, Utah AG Says

    U.S. antitrust officials should consider revisiting their closed investigation into Google’s search practices in light of claims by the European Union that the company manipulates results, said Utah’s attorney general.

    The Federal Trade Commission’s decision in 2013 not to bring a case against the company was followed about two year later by the European Commission’s complaint accusing Google of abusing its dominance of the search-engine market.

    Not many hits on my G00gle news search. Ha ha.
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    While I understand the legal theory ... the gov't should not be in the business of regulating the internet.

    Maybe this year a new search site will be up and running due to google's purported "transgressions".

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