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Thread: WWMT screwed up again. Big surprise there.

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    WWMT screwed up again. Big surprise there.

    I-team. What a joke. These people don't investigate past the end of their nose it seems.

    Obviously a couple of big lies there. So, being the educated LAC that I am, I responded:

    From the report: "Before December, if you wanted to get a concealed carry permit, you used to have to see a 3-member gun board."

    FALSE! Prior to December 2015, going before a gun board was NOT mandatory. The county gun boards reviewed each application and the attending background check and made the determination to issue the CPL, deny it, OR interview the applicant for more information. I myself was issued a CPL in Kalamazoo County in July 2015 and was never called before the board. Most other counties operated the same way. Only one county that I know of ever required every applicant to appear before the board, and that was Ottawa. Even then, it was not by law, but by decision of the board members themselves.

    From the report: "If you purchase a handgun in Michigan, you can open carry all you want."

    Again, FALSE! Open Carry in Michigan is actually VERY restricted unless you have a CPL. When not on private property, a person may not carry a firearm within 1000 ft of a school without a CPL. A person may not keep a loaded firearm in, nor carry a loaded firearm on their body while in, a motor vehicle without a CPL, and THAT includes things like motorcycles, ATV's and even boats. There are several more restrictions, and for those I refer you to MCL 750.234d of the Michigan Code.
    There were a few frills and dressings that I added in due to a personal interaction with one of their employees when one of their so-called news reports involved a family member, so I left that part out of this forum.
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    Makes me mad. How ignorant can you be?

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