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Thread: Positive Open Carry Experience - Wild Wings n things

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    Positive Open Carry Experience - Wild Wings n things

    My wife and I went to Wild Wings n' Things in Tikatnu commons for lunch the other day and of course I was open carrying. We ordered our food and sat down. Not many people in there at the time. The owner, didn't catch his name, stopped by the table and said: "I noticed you have a weapon there. I just wanted to say thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment. It's great to see responsible people in here exercising their rights. And I love it when people bring their guns in because I know more people are helping me protect my store. It's also helps other people see that people who own guns are upstanding law abiding citizens."

    We talked for a few minutes and he said if you hang out a bit I'll show my favorite. Then he goes: "Oh forget it, I'll be right back." Ran out to his car and brought back a 1960's ish Beretta Model 71 Jaguar. He unloaded it and let me handle it. It was a fun little gun. I bet he has a lot of fun times with that little pistol. Anyway, it was a completely positive experience. Given the contrast between this place and BWW, I'll be going back to Wild Wings n things. PS - They have a desert called funnel fries. Trust me, you HAVE to try them if they have them!

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    Since BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) came out against carriers (however long ago that was), I've never been back. My friends have not, either. Same for Starbucks (I'd add other anti-gun store to the list like Chipotle but I didn't go to them anyway).

    I know it doesn't hurt their bottom line (profits) -- which would have been nice -- but it doesn't matter.

    If ALL gun-owners (or at the very least people who actually carried, especially all CCers) boycotted these places, it WOULD hurt anti-gun businesses.
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    Sure it hurts their bottom line, maybe not a lot but in retail/restaurant biz EVERY sale is important. I try to stay true to my convictions and beliefs and I absolutely will not patronize an establishment that denies people their rights. Private property rights and all I get it.....but I will not give them my money. We go on our happy way and find businesses that appreciate those that exercise their rights and are not afraid to show it.

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    Be aware that many if not most, of these chain restaurants are franchised operations. The individual owners have to operate under corporate guidelines and have to pay a monthly fee to corporate but are free to operate their restaurant as they see fit, hence you will occasionally find one not honoring a sales promotion.

    Just because one restaurant in some big city doesn't allow firearms doesn't mean it is corporate policy, you likely will find the same chain in, say Alaska, welcomes firearms.

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