My wife and I went to Wild Wings n' Things in Tikatnu commons for lunch the other day and of course I was open carrying. We ordered our food and sat down. Not many people in there at the time. The owner, didn't catch his name, stopped by the table and said: "I noticed you have a weapon there. I just wanted to say thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment. It's great to see responsible people in here exercising their rights. And I love it when people bring their guns in because I know more people are helping me protect my store. It's also helps other people see that people who own guns are upstanding law abiding citizens."

We talked for a few minutes and he said if you hang out a bit I'll show my favorite. Then he goes: "Oh forget it, I'll be right back." Ran out to his car and brought back a 1960's ish Beretta Model 71 Jaguar. He unloaded it and let me handle it. It was a fun little gun. I bet he has a lot of fun times with that little pistol. Anyway, it was a completely positive experience. Given the contrast between this place and BWW, I'll be going back to Wild Wings n things. PS - They have a desert called funnel fries. Trust me, you HAVE to try them if they have them!