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Thread: Queensland man killed helping woman being attacked

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    Queensland man killed helping woman being attacked

    When seconds count...

    Det McCusker said police should be the first port of call in such circumstances, but it was human nature for onlookers to want to help those in distress.
    Rest in Peace, Mr Olsen.

    A 65-year-old man who stepped in to help a woman under attack in Queensland has died.

    Norman Olsen had been on life support after an alleged coward attack that occurred in Toowoomba.

    Reports state Olsen was driving along Bridge St at Wilsonton, in Toowoomba, about 3pm on Monday when police claim that he saw a woman being attacked in a domestic disturbance.
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    Having responded to many hundreds of Domestic calls as a LEO. They can be very nasty for sure
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    Coward attack?

    What next, feather duster attack?

    I struggle with the idea of getting involved with anything. Smart move seems to be, be responsible for me and mine. Sometimes we're not smart, and sometimes we pay the price.......
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    Australia? So guaranteed that the attacked woman and the dead helper were both unarmed. Pretty good odds for attackers there.
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