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Thread: Heston, Harvey Co. Excel Ind. shooting. 4 - 7 killed, 20 injured

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    Heston, Harvey Co. Excel Ind. shooting. 4 - 7 killed, 20 injured

    T. Walton, the Harvey County sheriff, told Wichita TV station KAKE that “four to seven” people were dead, including the gunman, and from 20 to 30 people injured. “It was a black male with an AK-47 who was an employee, or used to be,” one woman told KAKE reporter Monica Castro just outside Excel.
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    That no guns sign didn't do a thing to deter this tragedy. Just allowed that the fish in a barrel would be defenseless.

    Damn shame, senseless.
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    He must of been illiterate for not reading the no gun sign. The system let him down. We need to devote trillions and gazillions more into public education so this sort of thing don't happen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Excel Industries is apparently a gun-free zone.

    “We got signs saying ‘no guns,’ but this guy’s got an AK and began spraying,” Mr. Pierce said.

    “You never know these days, crazy people,” he said.
    He sounds surprised the magical sign didn't ward off the bad guy.
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    They arrested a woman on charges of knowingly providing him (a felon) with the guns

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