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Thread: Franchise chain uncivil treatment complaints continue. WHY?

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    Franchise chain uncivil treatment complaints continue. WHY?

    A common thread here on OCDO complains of uncivil treatment by some chain store. A new one has just started, and I read a complaint in a thread that is almost 200 pages long.

    Why give custom where one is not appreciated?

    Surely every community has an independent locally owned establishment to satisfy every taste.

    Shop local, buy local, brew local, eat local. SHOP MOM & POP

    I'm traveling, just now at Seabrook Island, SC, and last night for dinner renewed my acquaintance with Bowen's Island Restaurant, and discovered Coast beer.

    There is not a no-guns sign on the door. There was a hand written sign apparently quoting a Mrs. Bowen, born in 1908, "Some like it, and some don't. That's just tough!"
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