An Arizona Senate committee has passed a measure that would allow retired police officers to carry firearms into bars.

Republican Rep. Sonny Borrelli sponsored the measure that would allow retired sheriffs and police officers who served at least 10 years and were honorably discharged to carry their firearm into bars and stores that sell liquor.

Advocates say retired officers should be trusted and are some of the best people to handle the volatile situations that can happen while people are drinking alcohol.

Democratic Rep. Lupe Contreras said it's dangerous to add guns into any situation where liquor is consumed.

The Senate committee on public safety passed House Bill 2030 on a 4-1 vote Wednesday. It now undergoes a standard review before going to a Senate vote.

The article is extremely vague, but since permit holders can already CC in bars under certain conditions, I wonder if this would allow for these select individuals to OC there?