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Thread: SC House passes 2A Preservation Act that snubs Washington

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    SC House passes 2A Preservation Act that snubs Washington

    The S.C. House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday along a party-line vote that prevents the state from enforcing federal gun laws that took effect this year.
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    Democrats, some who are advocates of the Second Amendment, argued that the bill would keep the state from protecting itself from domestic terrorism and from closing the so-called “Charleston loophole,” which allowed alleged Emanuel AME Church shooter Dylann Roof to possess a gun.
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    More than 50 gun rights-expansive, protective or restrictive bills are pending in the General Assembly. But few have gained traction so far as the House concentrates on writing the state’s roughly $7.5 billion budget and the Senate is stuck in a filibuster covering the roads bill.
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    South Carolina should up the ante a bit more, and really drive the proponents of Federal control into a tizzy, by just declaring the near entirety of its law-abiding adult citizens to be default members of the South Carolina (unorganized) militia, thus making them automatically eligible for strict Second Amendment protection [under the Heller dissenting opinion, which would presumably be the law of the land should the liberals succeed in overturning the Heller majority]. Read the dissent, please!

    If the South Carolina legislature really wanted to stick it to the Feds, they might also declare that said citizens are expected to privately own semi-automatic rifles capable of accepting detachable magazines which they would be expected to possess on the theoretical occasion of actually being call up by some future governor for service in the state militia (this is not the same entity as the various state national guard units).

    The anti-gunners would go absolutely nuts if, and when, a state calls their alternative 2A history bluff.

    The Heller minority didn't even pretend to nullify the Second Amendment (because they couldn't), they just painted the amendment as being enforceable against the Federal government by those private citizens that had a non-imaginary connection to the preservation of a State's militias. Its about time that some freedom-loving state decided to grow a backbone and put the brakes on the anti-gun 'dream' that federal gun-control is actually constitutional. The anti-gun crowd should really be careful what they wish for...their efforts could backfire!
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