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Thread: Lobbying ??

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    Question Lobbying ??

    For the bills sitting on or about to go to the Governor's desk, is there anything that can be done to increase the chances of signature.

    Specifically I'm thinking about HB 560 - Brandishing. Will the Governor sign it? Should I call? Are there other bills that have a chance?

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    Yes, call his office. Short and sweet message encouraging him to sign.

    Some aide will put a check mark in the Y or N column and pass him the report of which way the wind is blowing.

    Some folks think a 30-second phone call is not worth much. That's not true.

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    Of course it makes a difference. Sometimes huge, sometimes not as much.

    Consider the alternative, doing nothing. That is tantamount to abandoning the field of battle before the fight has begun. Don't leave it to Mikey to do it.
    In order of effectiveness: email, snail mail, phone call, personal visit, and developing a positive relationship with members of the general assembly.

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    All good answ3rs. Of course his mind is 95% made up long ago...but he can be influenced l. Skidmark and Grapeshot gave the down and dirty method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    The order of effectiveness is well correlated with the ease of dismissal; e-mail (delete), telephone call (lie/hang up), USPS (postcard, first class letter, certified-return-receipt-required), and positive personal relationship is the order that I was taught.

    GRGRSC's favorite weapon was synchronized mass-mailing of brightly colored postcards. We would go by the outer offices in the Statehouse to see desks over-flowing with thousands of cards obviously ours. 3000 was a typical response.
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