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Thread: Settled: Lawsuit with Obama protester cuffed for legal firearms

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    Settled: Lawsuit with Obama protester cuffed for legal firearms
    Virginia police have settled a federal lawsuit brought by a man who was arrested as he practiced his First and Second Amendment rights.
    VICTORY: Police Settle Rutherford Institute Lawsuit Over Activist Held at Gun Point, Handcuffed and Arrested for Lawfully Carrying a Rifle During a Protest
    It never ceases to amaze me.....

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    Quite interesting…,

    The Attorney listed in the suit (Raul Novo) is a childhood friend of mine, one of my best friends at the time, his parents were extraordinary people, I learned a lot from them, they could teach some of these "sunshine patriots" and "useful idiots" a thing or twenty. Knew he was a lawyer, but I thought he was in Charlottesville, glad to see he's so close by, I'll have to drop by some time. He always could make a good argument…, on either side. ;>)


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    thanks color for is appreciated as you always wonder how these things finally end...

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    Apparently he's now running for Hopewell City Council.

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    Apparently the Secret Service did not have a snap shut solid case against him. They tagged and wet paper bagged an attorney. Dumb.
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    ...“[it] was not my intention to compromise Mr. Howard’s rights under the Constitution.”
    BS!!! internal investigation had concluded that one of the officers violated department policy and would be disciplined and sent to remedial training.
    One? Not seven others? More BS!!!


    Letting the cops off easy...again.
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