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Thread: CBS Sunday Morning broadcast of Gun and America

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    CBS Sunday Morning broadcast of Gun and America

    sorry, but due to the time change i missed the entire 2 hour reviewing all the segments from the cite provided.

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    It started out decent...and continued to watch (even though wife told me to turn it off so I wouldn't have to take an additional blood pressure pill).
    Then it got worse.....till I was pounding on the chair arm.
    Don't know why I thought CBS could be fair.

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    I missed the first 15-20 minutes but watched the rest. It struck me as "reasonable" UNTIL they started on the "feelings" aspect of some of the victims. That was during the last 20-25 minutes and started with the former Australian PM bally-hooing how the shootings had stopped after they confiscated the guns.

    I was afraid that they would end the program with some smarmy aspect like this and they did not disappoint me.

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    Linked link of OP's link (got that?) Starts out:

    Any discussion of the right to bear arms has to take note of the Second Amendment. Here's Anthony Mason:

    Stopped reading right there ... the 2nd amendment is just part of the set of regulations or code of the US.

    Its not a law. Laws cannot be changed. Laws cannot be violated. Like Newton's laws of motion. If you find that you can violate one of Newton's laws of motion then you just proved its not a law.

    We have laws ... we have regulations.

    We have the natural right to defend ourselves. The RKBA flows from this right. Nothing can change that law and the right that comes from it.

    All the gov't can do is tyrannically try to suppress and violate the law or not. I don't know of any law that the government does not violate or is willing to because, from their viewpoint, all rights can be regulated (hence voiding the law(s)).

    So the author is not aware of the law. Go figure.

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