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Thread: Letter from Clinton comes back to haunt Kasich

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    Letter from Clinton comes back to haunt Kasich

    A letter from former President Bill Clinton disclosed just days before the Ohio primary is causing Ohio Gov. John Kasich problems on the campaign trail.

    Kasich tells GOP voters he can “get things done” by working with Democrats but also stresses he is a “defender of the 2nd Amendment.”
    You decide....

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    Quote Originally Posted by color of law View Post

    Thanks for posting this...

    How has his gun rights record been since becoming governor?

    Here is the answer

    "As governor, by contrast, Kasich’s record has been unambiguous: He has not vetoed a single pro-gun bill passed by the Republican-dominated general assembly."

    But as the article states, it is not all rosy.

    "In 1993, following a different mass shooting, Kasich saw the issue another way. After a man used an automatic pistol to fatally shoot eight people at a San Francisco law firm, he was one of 215 House members to vote for a ban on assault weapons that became law in 1994. It was that vote that earned Kasich the failing NRA grade. "

    Trump has no voting record. Kasich does.

    I'll leave it at that....
    I am not a lawyer, I study the history of gun control laws.

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    did the good senator follow his president's guidance on which way to vote?

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    Kasich has signed every pro-gun bill put on his desk since he became governor. To me, that is far more important than a letter from 22 years ago.

    Not only did the NRA bump up Kasich’s grade from a B in 2010 to a solid A last year, but the organization also endorsed Kasich against Democrat Ed Fitzgerald.

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