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Thread: Éirinn go Brách, Eire Forever. Happy St. Patrick's Day

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    Éirinn go Brách, Eire Forever. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    God invented whisky to keep the Irish from ruling the world. Better the Irish than what we've got now.

    Internet commandos, search out the first use of "Erin go Bragh".

    A new survey finds that Irish-Americans take issue with questionable sentiments and suggestive imagery that emerges every March 17th. Irish Central - a New York-based publication for the “global” Irish community - polled 1,900 readers to reveal that 78 percent agreed that “it is time to stop the sale of offensive St. Patrick’s Day merchandise.” But some are more easy going. Another 13 percent said “people are too sensitive” while 5 percent said “live and let live.”
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    sorry , just another mythical religious story gone amok...

    the beoir tastes just as good today as other day of the year...

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    Beoir is an Irish consumer organisation, established in 2010 to promote Irish craft brewing and microbreweries. It operates in across all of Ireland, in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Give me a pint of Guinness .. and I'm happy ....

    Give me 7 and I'm extremely happy !

    Happy St. Pats !

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