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Thread: Permitless carry action alert 3-24-16

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    Permitless carry action alert 3-24-16

    From the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


    We need you all to ACT RIGHT NOW!

    We are asking that all Idaho gun owners who want to see SB 1389 passed into law immediately call their legislators and House and Senate leadership and demand that the legislature not adjourn until after Gov. Otter's deadline has passed to take action on this very important bill.

    They must not adjourn until Saturday evening at the earliest. That's what you need to tell them.

    Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke: 208-332-1111
    Senate Majority Leader, Bart Davis: 208-332-1305

    Then dial 208-332-1000 and ask to be connected to your 3 legislators. It may take you 3 separate phone calls but it is worth the time.

    FB message, email, and do everything you can to get a hold of any and all legislators and tell them to refuse to adjourn until SB 1389 is signed into law or is vetoed while they are in session so they can take action to override it.

    Do it now! We are potentially planning a rally outside the Governor's office to encourage him to sign the bill. It will be last minute and spur of the moment so be ready.
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