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Thread: Prep for CCL

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    Prep for CCL

    So I decided to get a CCL, it's good for 5 years, got a pistol for the purpose and will be taking a class in April...the pistol might just be fun to shoot also...right!
    Been thinking long and hard on it, I t comes down to 'I'd like the option to CC' when I choose, I may not all the time, but I want the choice.
    This comes with a lot of responsibility, I've done a quite a bit of reading both of the laws, and on Forums for opinion and a choice on a CC FA.
    I've been involved with firearms since 1995 and have a small collection, shooting for fun (targets) and self/home defense.

    I purchased a Ruger SR9c in black nitride.
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    My RKBA is good my entire life.

    But good luck in you endeavors.

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    Hopefully you are taking the FREE Wisconsin Carry class. I would hate to see you waste money on a class that doesn't actually teach your WI law.
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