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Thread: Unique POV, shooting victim selfie includes shooter.

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    Thru Death's Door in Wisconsin

    Unique POV, shooting victim selfie includes shooter.

    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    Friend of mine got shot on the same street in the 70's.

    We were just waiting for bus...random drive-by. Race relations were not great at that time to say the least.

    He's doing fine .. well as good as a southsider can be LOL.

    Unfortunately for the guy on the video, he did not fare as well .... terrible event.

    Where it happened is not the worst of the southside areas .. its one of the better parts.

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    I wonder what the motive was.
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    So in actuality you have no evidence that anything wrong took place, you only believe that it could be spun to appear wrong. But it hasn't been. The truth has a funny way of coming out with persistence, even if it was spun negatively the truth would find its way because these people will not accept less.
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    The truth causes some people so much pain they can only respond with impotent laughable insults. Life must be rough for those people.

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