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Thread: For fun .. think you had a bad day ...

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    For fun .. think you had a bad day ...

    Reckless driving with damage to a person or property
    Fleeing to elude police at high speeds
    Driving while license suspended
    Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill
    Battery on an officer
    Assault on an officer, 2 counts
    Resisting an officer with violence
    Resisting an officer without violence
    Possession of a concealed handcuff key while in custody
    Touch, strike or cause harm to police animal
    Possession of not more than 20 grams marijuana
    Possession of drug equipment

    I think that they ask you to remove all items a the jailhouse and get many folks with possession of something when they don't cough it up then. If they found the handcuff key at the hospital, he may get away with that one.

    And no charge "being a hillbilly" .. I would have thought it would have covered all the other charges pretty well.

    I guess they expect people to allow themselves to get repeatedly bitten by animals ... LOL

    All in all ... not too bad...just a lot of things at once.

    Just a "bad day".
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