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Thread: Pro se challenge loses OC handgun & long gun challenge

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    Pro se challenge loses OC handgun & long gun challenge,49

    While I like the challenging of the law, seems like it needs to be done by professionals. This pro se happened to draw the same judge as the Shepherd and recently Culp cases, so this isn't a surprise.

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    "The Court finds that the AUUW statute is constitutional; therefore, Plaintiff's claim is dismissed."

    Another corrupt making rulings that have no basis in reality or the Constitution. Shall not be infringed means just that, whether the tyrants or their minion gang members want to accept it.

    Now i'm going to sit back and watch as people furiously scrabble to try to justify the idea any kind of gun control is in any way legal. Lets have a poll. See who is a patriot and who isnt. I await the results

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    "Which part of shall not be infringed is so difficult to understand"?

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