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Thread: Gunshots Ring Out At A Road Rage Incident

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    Gunshots Ring Out At A Road Rage Incident

    Woman gets cut off while driving. She honks. The car that cut her off pulls besides her and the perp shoots 4 times hitting the woman. Hope he is not a CCLer, well in Minnesota , a permit holder

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    No description of the shooter makes one wonder.
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    makes you wonder where are the Orwellian eyes that are watching over the citizens on the highways and byways...surely they saw something of consequence.

    several years ago they caused a NC college town to go to lock down when someone (rep of the police overseer community) saw an individual carrying a LG in their backpack....darn thing about it...the overseer mistook a bumbershoot in the backpack for a LG. never heard if the overseer was terminated or given a medal for their exemplary observation skills...

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