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Thread: Non-resident Permit...HELP!

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    Non-resident Permit...HELP!

    Even though I have been carrying in Minnesota for about a decade, your state has recently dropped reciprocity with Missouri due to the fact that Missouri now issues CCW permits to lawful citizens under the age of 21.

    As I have friends in Grand Forks, ND that I often visit, I travel to East GF and Crookston to see their families whenever I am there. My cousin and I are planning a two week vacation to northern Minnesota this fall. Therefore, I am interested in applying for a Minnesota Non-resident CCW permit.

    Applicants MUST apply in person. So, the last time I visited, I made the trip to the Polk County Minnesota Sheriff's Office, and tried to apply.....upon which, I was informed that I must take a Minnesota CCW class and have the certificate, and was promptly turned away.

    I am unaware of the availability of Minnesota CCW classes here in Missouri. All the CCW classes I seem to be able to find are MISSOURI CCW classes, as I am FROM MISSOURI.

    Can anyone offer some assistance on where, in Missouri, I can find Minnesota CCW classes as they appear to be required? I tried to find the requirement in Minnesota statutes, but was unable to find applicable law. Your state websites appear to be rather confusing, as well. I looked at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, and was redirected to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I am unsure why I keep ending up at the BCA, as I am not a criminal, nor do I require apprehension.

    Any guidance on how I, as a Missouri resident, can obtain a Non-resident CCW permit from your state now that I have magically been transformed into a dangerous person requiring a Minnesota CCW class certificate after the previous decade of carrying without incident? Your state agency websites, and the state employees I have interacted with seem to be less than enlightening.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Bottom line, you have to take a class from an instructor that has been approved by the BCA to teach a MN Permit to Carry class.

    The list is here.

    You'll have to do what most non-residents do. Plan to take a class when you're up here.
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