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Thread: Speeding Bikers Box-In Driver, Sparking Road Rage.Woman Shows Up to End the Violence

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    Speeding Bikers Box-In Driver, Sparking Road Rage.Woman Shows Up to End the Violence

    Yep. The woman was a passenger and had a gun. Maybe she has a CCL. Woman disappears. Bad move! Should have called 911 first before stopping and getting into a fight.

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    Everybody but the girl should go to jail. The BMW driver should have just reported the reckless drivers, and left it at that. It appears he was trying to make a citizen arrest, while legal in most states his driving to catch them was not. The girl did nothing wrong, but react to a threat to the drivers life, thank the lord she was armed, who knows how it would have turned out otherwise. I cannot condone anybody driving like reckless fools, even less after being the fool adding battery to the mix. Hope they are caught, and spend a very long time in jail, as well as having their bikes seized.

    This goes back to do stupid things win stupid prizes.
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    Drove to Miami a couple months ago...,

    don't think I'll be doing that again without cameras front and rear..., just in case. Driving there is not for the faint of heart. I thought it was bad in Virginia on I-95, shoot, it's nothing compared to being down there.

    All I know is that I was doing 75 mph in a 55 zone..., just trying to maintain traffic flow. Meanwhile, cars AND bikes are weaving in and out of lanes sometimes four lanes or more at a time, shooting between cars in lanes at just incredible speeds! I feel that I'm a very safe driver, in 44 years I've never had a moving violation tick..., hold on, don't want to jinx myself, but that was the worst I've ever encountered. Now when I see some idiot flying down the road, I just say "Miami". I check my rear and side view mirrors every few seconds but even that did no real good down there. They fly so fast that even in a few seconds they can come from out of sight behind you and past you before you know they are even there. I have also driven motorcycles, I despise the ones that drive so carelessly, and have absolutely no sympathy for them when they finally do succumb to the laws of physics.

    Again, there were cars driving that way too. Not surprised that this goes on, saw only one marked unit on the side of the road the whole time I was on the main drag, don't know how they would be able to catch up to them if they wanted to. SMH.

    Maybe the guy in the Beamer was just fed up, not something I would do, but I think the lady may have a case should she eventually get charged, defense of another, considering the number of attackers, even if the guy was blocking the bikers.


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