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Thread: More Guns Than People

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    More Guns Than People

    This isn't a problem. When you remove the strong skewing effects of the four most anti-gun cities in America (the ones with the most violent crime, by far), The overall violent crime rate in the United States of America beats the global average for modern, industrialized nations.

    In fact, it's a blessing, a strong deterrent against both foreign invasion and domestic tyranny.

    Interestingly enough, if you examine the guns vs people graph, you see that the guns line took a sharp upward turn in January of 2007, and crossed the people line about a third of the way through 2008. It angled even further up in 2010, and again in 2012.

    What does that tell you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by since9 View Post
    What does that tell you?
    357 million guns; 317 million persons?

    Not nearly enough guns.

    Everyone needs at least 5 guns:

    .22 rifle
    Larger rifle
    Self-defense Handgun

    Admittedly, some of those 317 million persons are too young to be carrying a gun yet. But still, 300 million * 5 = 1500 million = 1.5 Billion. We are more than 1.1 Billion guns short of where we should be.

    Clearly, we've got to yet again make up for where some of our fellow country men are falling short. Tell your better halves you have an obligation to buy another gun or three.

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    'The Obama Effect, his only legacy, lasting and true.
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    WP's information, besides being 8+months old, is significantly skewed since there are approximately 225m adults, w/110M being males, the primary gun owner, and minor 15% adjustment to take out infirm, prisoners, etc., plus dropping to out a ROM of 35% of those males who abhor firearm .

    additionally the nice folks at NICS have processed approximately 16M + more firearm requests during the last 8 months coupled with the fact the transition rate to adulthood has not risen to significantly influence the figure cited. basically, ROM each adult male in the country could statistically own 6+ guns.

    further adjustment would have to account for the massive collections the 'museums' are maintaining around the country.

    now for the mention of President Obama effect...the gun industry i'm sure thanks him for his contribution to assuring this has been the best 8 years of growth in firearm sales the country has ever seen.

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