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Thread: Concealed carry 7-eleven customer takes out ax-swinging lunatic

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    Concealed carry 7-eleven customer takes out ax-swinging lunatic

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    Interesting that the YouTube account that had that video uploaded has been terminated.
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    uh, shan't unsee the 58yos furry fat w/scratch on it...


    added: btw the fotos of 7-11 store front are not the same...

    in the komo foto on the far left side of the store there is a blurry blue sign w/yellow something or other and no reddy ice storage unit as well as the white and red banner over the front door w/7?? there.

    in the infowars foto on the left side is the blue sign w/o the yellow something or other and a reddy ice storage unit and the banner over the door is brown w/gold lettering w/ 2/2.22 coupled with the fact a 'flicker, time_image credit' in right hand side of the foto.
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